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Galvanized Iron
The cold rolled steel passes through a molten zin pot conotaining 97% zinc (0.03% or less AL), undergoing the galvanizing process, which gives each side of the sheet an equal thickness of coating. Depending on the surface treatment of the plated sheet, they are categorized into Regular Spangle, Zero Spangle and Extra Smooth.

Corrosion Resistance
All galvanized steel is treated with chromic acid for protection against rust, to maintain original surface luster for a longer period.

Galvanized steel is produced through continuous annealing, tempering, and post-treatment process so as to have very excellent formability.
Material Specification
Classification KS JIS
D 3506 G 3302
Commercial Quality SGCC SGCC
Lock Forming Quality SGCD1 SGCD1
Drawing Quality SGCD2 SGCD2
Deep Drawing Quality SGCD3 SGCD3
Deep Drawing Special Killed SGCD3-N SGCD3-N
Structural Quality SGC340~570 SGC340~570
Mechanical Properties
Division Material
Yield Point
KS D 3506 / JIS G 3302 SGCC    
SGCD1   270
SGCD2   270
SGCD3   270
SGC340 245 340
SGC400 295 400
SGC440 335 440
SGC490 365 490
SGC570 560 570
Mechanical Properties
Elongation (%)
Norminal Thickness (mm)
  0.25~0.40 0.40~0.60 0.60~1.0 1.0~1.6 1.6~2.5 2.5 over
KS D 3506 / JIS G 3302            
  34 36 37 38  
  36 38 39 40  
  38 40 41 42  
20 20 20 20 20 20
18 18 18 18 18 18
18 18 18 18 18 18
16 16 16 16 16 16
Surface Finish & Quality
Classification Weight Of
Zinc Coating
Surface Finish & Characteristics
Regular Spangle Z06-Z60 Original patterns and gross. Excellent anti-corrosive property
Zero Spangle Z06-Z60 Fine crystals by suppressing cystal growth during solidification of zinc. Even surface
Extra Smooth Z06-Z60 Execution of skin pass on the Zero Spangle surface.
Beautiful surface and excellent painting.
Galvanealed F04-F18 Maximization of welding and painting property with alloy treatment of iron property and zinc.
Surface Finish & Quality
Classification Quality
Regular Spangle Commercial Quality. Lock Forming Quality
Drawing Quality. Structural Quality
Zero Spangle Commercial Quality. Drawing Quality
Structural Quality
Extra Smooth Commercial Quality. Drawing Quality
Structural Quality
Galvanealed Commercial Quality. Drawing Quality
Structural Quality
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