General Application Of All Our Products
Stainless Steel
Type Application
SUS 301 Components of electronic products, spring and components of electronic parts.
SUS 304 Household utensils (sink, interior pipe, bathtub and others), Automotive
components, medical instruments construction materials, chemical industry
and vessel parts, electronics.
SUS 304L Machinery and tools used in chemical, coal and petroleum industries that
require high inter-granular corrosion resistance, building materials, LNG tank, electronics.
SUS 316 Manufacturing equipment for dyes, paper making, chemical fibre, acetic acid,
fertilizer, photo industry. Building material of coastal zone.
SUS 316L Suitable for the corrosion-susceptible environment such as salt and toxic gas.
SUS 430 Auto parts, heaters, electric appliance, computer parts and various tanks,
washing machine, interior and exterior materials for architecture, electronics.
Type Application
Building and
construction material
Cladding for roof and wall, wall panels for high-rise buildings, residential roofing, roof-on-roof
Automobile, ship
and aircraft building
Insulation, automibile radiators, inter-coller, cabin, automobile heat exchanger, fan blade.
Packaging Food can, can cap, pilfer-proof cap, vial seals, cream containers and cap.
Kitchenware Pressure cooker, non-stick cookware, hard anodised cookware.
Electronics Electrical & home appliances, computer parts.
Type Application
Others COLOR steel materials
For coating of home appliance parts
For electronic parts
General computer case, cassette, VTR Deck
Home appliances / office supplies
For press processing / deep drawing
Type Application
Regular Spangle Various utensils & containers. Building & engineering materials.
Automobile parts, culverts & under drain. Guardrails.
Zero Spangle Steel furnitures & office equipments. Inner / outer plates of home appliances
Extra Smooth For painting steel furnitures & office equipments. Home electric applications. Painted steel (PCM) material.
Galvannealed Home electrical appliances (Washer, Microwave oven). Building materials, automobile parts, various fuel tank.
Type Application
Muffler, Exhaust pipes, Fuel tanks.
Home Electrical
Electric stove, Gas range, Bread machine, toaster,
Frying pan, Dryer.
Heating Equipments Heat exchanger, Stovepipes, Pre-heater, Dryer, Duct.
Construction Walls and roof of chemical factories, Fireproof wall.
Others Steam cover, Chemical equipment.
Type Application
Building - Exterior materials (Roof and Wall), industrial, commercial, public utility, housing, etc.
- Interior materials, interior wall, ceiling, partition, fireproof door, etc
Accessories Shutter, signboard
Home Appliances Oil and gas boiler, rice box, portable gas range, etc.
Others Electric device, steel furnitures, agricultural equipment.
Type Application
Food can Food cans : Canned fish including mackerel and tuna. Beverage cans : Fruit juice including white
and yellow peach, sports drinks, coffee drinks, carbonated beverages, health drinks, etc.
General Can Automobile gasoline cans, machine oil cans, industrial containers for paint and oil, cosmetics, butane gas, pesticide, pharmaceutical and others.
Crown cap Bottle caps for beer, soju, beverages.
Others Rice cookers, televisions, battery vell body, toys, stationary, plates, medicine case,
cookies contaners, etc.
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